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Well, I've been home for 3 weeks, but I'm home! :D
Well, it's definitely been a while since I've updated this.

So, medium sized story cut kinda short: we're moving across town (city...). I am in a relationship with someone who is in Georgia serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And I only have a handful of pounds to lose before I can turn in my papers to serve a mission myself. :D And by handful I mean around 8 or 9. Originally I had to lose 34 so...kudos to me!

Anyway, Have a great Wednesday! Today is my last day at FoHi (again)--D'kota is still working here, though. I think it's great. She's literally following in my footsteps. Again. :D

Much love,

interesting thoughts

So I was thinking the other day about the Disney Princesses. Every one of them had a chore. Cinderella...well, that's obvious. It was cleaning the whole house. Snow White was cleaning up after 7 very small men. Mulan (if you even call her a princess--I sure don't)...she had to get married....that's chore enough when you aren't being forced into a marriage. Belle...she groomed Beast. Sleeping Beauty...she was asleep for most of the movie...I think that counts. But, if you can't accept that then I'll give you that she had to stay away from that ugly witch and that putrid needle. lol. Who else is there? Am I forgetting someone? Oh ya! Ariel! ...um...She had to win back the love of her prince. That's definitely a chore. It's almost as if Disney is making it seem like all women should stay home and do chores. Is it just me? Or am I being way to analytical...of course...it could be that I'm just being silly.  Anyway...that's my 7 cents on that topic. Anyway have any other thoughts? I'm out of them.

Oh ya, and I brake for unicorns.
((Daely knows))

i was going to ask a question, but i decided against it.

all i can say is that the Office totally ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! Despite the obvious pains from certain character's in the show...lol.

i have new icons!!! and i don't take credit for any of them!!! even the older ones!!! lol. just thought i'd share that. cuz they are way cute!!!!

Apr. 28th, 2008

Is it weird that I'm letting one of my student assistant's get to me? granted, i don't really think she's trying to. i think she's just being herself, and as the day has gone by the more ancy i've been to get out of here. things are just a bit stressful at work. i want to explain what's going on, but i won't be able to do the story justice. so i'm not going to. anyway, i'm leaving for lunch. like. now. lol


here's a story...

Last week, on Tuesday, after I had already left work, my (technical) boss decided it would be a good idea to jump hurdles with the girls on the track team. Let me tell you what ended up happening: she broke her leg. She broke a bone that was connected to two ligaments. She is supposed to have surgery on Wednesday.

I talked to another administrator here about this. This is what he said: "What is she doing jumping hurdles? She can't run!" I laughed, of course. And this was all before I knew all the hairy...er, broken details. 

Here's something completely random. Whenever I type or write the word Wednesday, I have to literally said the phonetics in my head so I don't spell it wrong. lol hehehe. So I say wed-nes-day. lol. I think it's super funny. And is probably one of the more embarrassing things I've done in a while...telling this story.

anyway, i'm about ready to go to lunch. have a great day everyone!!!

stealing from shatteredvirtue

1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and what movie
5. No GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. Totally cheating, you dirty cheaters. (lol. i thought that last part was particularly funny)

ok. so I'm branching out a bit and putting some of my favorite quotes from a couple of my favorite TV shows. You don't have to get the season, but if you do, you get extra good vibes headed your way. lol....here we go!
((I apologize for not have an LJ-cut. It hates me. sorry! much love.
person 1:  Come on, let me carry your bag. 
person 2: Oh, what's another ten pounds?
   Juno    d_m_icon   

Love is patient, love is kind, love is slowly going out of your mind.

I need some peace and quiet... or whatever it is people go away for.   The Holiday  misstinkerbell  

person 1: Guess what, guess what, guess what! 
person 2: Um, ok. The fifth dentist caved and now they're all recommending Trident?
  FRIENDS  misstinkerbell  ((she IMed me and guessed lol.)

person 1: Was I deficient in propriety?
person 2: Why did you do that? 
person 1: Couldn't waste all those expensive boxing lessons.
   Becoming Jane  d_m_icon   

My flight has been cancelled. Its just because of some crazy hurricane. I need to get a flight back to New York tonight. The twins have a play tomorrow morning.  Devil Wears Prada  musical_sarcasm

 It's a bold move to Photoshop yourself into a picture with your girlfriend and her kids on a ski trip with their real father. But then again, [he's] a bold guy. Is bold the right word?   The Office  evilbeals 

Barely tolerable, I dare say. But not handsome enough to tempt me. You'd better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles. You're wasting your time with me.  Pride & Prejudice (2005)  musical_sarcasm

Gary, this is Veronica. Veronica... Wasboyski.    Boy Meets World   and 3 points to d_m_icon for actually getting it. :D

No, no. It's not schizophrenia. It's just a voice in my head. I mean, the voice isn't telling me to do anything. It's telling me what I've already done... accurately, and with a better vocabulary.   Stranger than Fiction  musical_sarcasm
I am by no means assured of his regard and even were he to feel such a preference I think we should both be very foolish to assume that there would not be many obstacles to his marrying a woman of no rank who cannot afford to buy sugar.

Well you may feel like a poet, but you sound like an idiot. You don't even know her name.

No, no, no, no, please, on the other side of the counter! You cannot come back here, this is for authorized personnel only, please stay on your side of the counter, thank you very much!

I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control.   Emma   d_m_icon

Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.   Princess Bride  evilbeals

ps: lj cuts hate me.

I love this song!!!!! I'm think of making a one-shot off of it. but...idk. Suggestions?  Anything? lol.